Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts | Adding a Clean Look to Your Flat Screen

One of the primary reasons individuals use flat screen TV wall mounts on their flat screen TV is the simple neat look it gives a room. Your flat screen TV wall mount fits in next to the wall, releasing entertainment space for other items. You can make the ultimate viewing stage, just like going to the cinema.

There are numerous possible choices for the arrangement of a plasma television. The space saving LCD flat screen TV can be attached to the ceiling, on walls, or posted on a stand. Several models of flat screen mounts are less costly, others allow for better ability to save space, and supply more flexibility to assure that the flat screen can be viewed at different angles and heights. Looking at each of the alternatives in advance will help people making the selection that will best fit their needs.

Matching the frame, size and weight is fundamental to picking out the optimal flat screen TV wall mounts. TV mounting brackets screw to the structural timbers (2 x 4's or metal studs) inside your walls. Your plasma TV wall mount bracket relies on deeply embedded wood screw anchors in order to produce a positive, and solid mount. How much weight unit can a flat screen TV wall mounting bracket support? Comfortably 200 to 300 pounds, which is a big "safety margin" for even 50 inch plasma TV models which often weigh less than 100 lbs.

A Couple Of things that you should consider before setting up your flat screen TV:

TV Size – there are assorted wall mounts for various models and sizes of TV's. Don't pick the first mount you see and utilize it on the flat screen. A wall mounting for a 19-inch TV is very different from a wall mounting of a 60-inch TV. The hardware for mounting needs more support if your TV is quite heavy so there are several bolts and the mounting brackets of a larger TV are thicker than for a lighter TV.

Wall type – you can wall mount your LCD television to many types of walls. You can wall mount you flat screen to a cinder block wall, or a wood stud wall, which is the more popular wall type. For wood studs, a stud finder will find the center of the studs. In concrete walls, the right anchors are necessary to ensure a solid and secure mount. Usually, the flat screen mounts already have the proper fastener prepacked with mounting.

Wall mounting Type – choices include an articulating mount, fixed wall mount, slanting mount, and a electric mounting type.

If you prefer to employ the fixed wall mount type, be certain that you place your plasma TV where you are certain you need it because once the plasma TV is affixed, you will have to redo the wall mount to move the LCD television, that is where it is going to remain.

For the angling mount style, you can move about 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down. This type of mounting gives you option to ensure a satisfactory watching angle. This is ordinarily suggested for large flat screens in a family room.

The articulating arm wall mount style is more normally applied for smaller LCD TVs. Your flat screen is affixed against the wall but can swing out a foot or so from the wall if you want to set the viewing angle.

The motorized mounting is viewed to be the best. With one button, you can move the your plasma television to your desired viewing angle. It is surprising and wonderful to have it in your home theater system.

Cables – Without a doubt you will be tying in other multimedia components into your flat screen. To sustain the clean look of your room, wire channel molding to conceal the wires from sight. Look up a home theater installer if needed. Safety is the primary thinking. Plan on adding the cables during plasma television installation, installing them straightaway will quash troubles later on. It will also be favorable to employ HDMI wires.

Location – the location where you need to wall mount your plasma television will depend on how you employ the room. It is better to put it where the viewing angle is the optimal. Remember to provide room for your other gadgets like the speaker units.

Plainly any wall mount bought will need to fit the specified LCD flat screen TV selected. The television will have a pattern of holes on the rear that will need to correspond to the screws on the wall mount. Several flat screen mounts also have adapter plates available that will match up to standard LCD TV models.

Choosing the correct mount for a flat screen TV can assist to ensure that the plasma TV is stable and positioned so as to reduce the chance of being struck or knocked over. A correct wall mount can also help to assure optimal viewing and ought to be carefully considered to ensure years of watching joy.


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